Samhain Ancestor Bottle

The Ancestor Bottle is created as a symbolic invitation to departed loved ones, that they may commune with us and participate in an exchange of information. Ancestor Bottles are made shortly before Samhain and are then placed on the Samhain altar.

The bottle is to be skull shaped, made of clear glass, and filled with the following:

  • Black Sand.

  • Dried Wormwood.

  • Assorted Crystals and Stones, particularly black stones such as Black Onyx, Black Obsidian or Snowflake Obsidian. Clear Quartz may be used as well.

  • Handwritten names and/or photos of departed loved ones.

  • Other objects may be added, such as your own hair, nails, teeth and blood. These items form a physical link between you and those departed ones you wish to invite.

  • Black or Silver glitter may be added and can be further decorated any way you choose.

Seal the bottle and it’s contents with industrial strength glue.

The process of making the bottle infuses your energy into it. When it is complete, hold the bottle in both hands, close your eyes and take several deep breaths until you reach a meditative state. Mentally place your intention within the bottle to invite your departed loved ones, and say..

With this bottle, I invite (state names) to be present and communicate with me”.

Then place the bottle on your altar. During your Samhain ceremony, be open to any impressions, images or feelings you receive. Keep a journal or notepad near your altar to write down any information. Talk to your ancestors as though they were standing right next to you. Ask questions, ask for advice, tell them how you feel. The veil is thin and they are listening. Ask them to communicate with you. As Samhain is also a powerful time for divination, you may also ask your ancestors to impart their wisdom through your tarot and oracle decks.

On November 2nd, break open the bottle and retrieve any photos or items you wish to keep. Dispose of the rest of the contents along with the bottle. Make a new bottle every Samhain.

Skull bottles are available at craft stores and online, especially near the end of September and during the month of October. They must have some sort of seal: cork, glass stopper, lid, etc, so that the contents can be tightly sealed inside.