Approaching the Cauldron of Cerridwen

15726395_10154618700655465_445962452683043498_nThe tales of Cerridwen identify her as a witch, goddess and mother. She is the keeper of the sacred cauldron of Awen, a Welsh word that means “poetic, divine inspiration”. Those who seek to know her need only approach her cauldron with gentleness and politeness. Any cauldron will do, as all cauldrons are archetypes of the one true cauldron kept by Cerridwen herself. When making contact with Cerridwen, it is not necessary to use grand, dramatic declarations (“Oh mighty Cerridwen, bestow upon us your great wisdom”). Just speak to her as you would anyone you are getting to know. Place an image of her on your altar. Light strongly scented incense and three white candles. During your conversations with her, place both your hands on the cauldron and know that she is listening. Quietly wait and allow her to speak to you. To those who truly seek contact, she will impart information, which may come in the form of images, words, phrases, feelings…or ideas. Keep a notebook handy. Study the story of Cerridwen and Taliesin, and become familiar with all the characters of this ancient tale. Cerridwen. Gwion Bach. Afagddu. Creirfyw. Morda. Tegid Foel. Taliesin. Each of them have an important lesson to teach. Cerridwen is the gateway, and her story is the foundation of modern druidry. Many lessons are hidden between the lines.

The cauldron holds many mysteries. It is a symbol of the darkness of the womb, a tool of communication, and the creative force by which change is manifest through magic. It is the catalyst that connects the druid witch to the universe, to nature, to the animal world, to the realm of spirits and to Cerridwen herself. The cauldron is one of the primary tools of the Blackthorn Druid Witch.

We must approach the cauldron of inspiration ourselves, boil the broth ourselves, be burnt and subsequently ingest the divine drops of Awen ourselves—no one can do it for us”. (Kristoffer Hughes, From the Cauldron Born).


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