Herbal Magic: Lemongrass

The scent of lemongrass helps to improve the mood and chase away feelings of sadness. Tea made from lemongrass is a natural anti-depressant. It is used to boost psychic abilities and enhance intuitive skills. It helps to stimulate the mind, bringing mental clarity and sharper focus. Lemongrass is linked to the planet Mercury and the element of Air. Magically it can be used to remove obstacles that have prevented you from accomplishing your goals. It is also a common ingredient in love and lust spells. When combined with patchouli and burned as an incense, it can be used to purify a ritual space or magical working area. Lemongrass and patchouli oils smell lovely when combined together in home-made candles, and will help to neutralize harmful energies in the home.

To use Lemongrass:
• Rub lemongrass essential oil on a yellow candle and light it when studying for an exam.
• According to folk magicians, lemongrass helps to improve one’s luck. Carry some lemongrass in your pocket when interviewing for a new job or asking for a promotion.
• Take a handful of dried lemongrass, a citrine stone and a picture of the Mercury symbol and place them all in a small bag. Put the bag in the glove compartment of your car when driving long distances, or carry in your pocket when on an airplane. Say, “I call on the powers of Mercury to grant me safe travel”.
• Drink lemongrass tea to relieve anxiety.


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