Ethics of the Draighean

Ethics are the principles within us that govern our choices in life, our actions and our behavior toward others. Ethics are not to be confused with morals, which are ideals imposed on us by others based on what they want us to do, or laws made by lawmakers to support a smoothly functioning society. For those who live by magic, these principles sometimes present a dilemma. How do we apply ethics in the Ways of the Draighean: Blackthorn Druid Witchcraft?

We are not a Wiccan tradition, so we do not embrace such concepts as the Wiccan Rede or the Threefold Law. We do not use such tools as the athame or the chalice. Our primary tools are the cauldron and the wand. Ours is a tradition that blends Celtic Paganism and Druidry with Old World Witchcraft. We are sovereign. This does not imply that we advocate willful malicious harm. It does imply that we may use magic to protect ourselves and our loved ones in whatever means we find necessary. The Draighean do not “turn the other cheek”.

Before Gerald Gardner and Doreen Valiente, there was no Wiccan Rede. There was no Threefold Law. Witches were simply witches. They lived by their own ethical codes and moral standards, taking personal responsibility for their actions. These witches of the old ways were respected and feared in equal measure, as they had the power both to curse and to cure. They were self-ruled, unencumbered by imposed magical redes and laws. You wanted the witch to be on your side. These old ways witches are still among us today, and we the Draighean are counted among them.

Love and Light is a popular expression in Wicca, and conjures images of rainbows and unicorns. While it has a place and often works to bring healing and peace, it is not always the answer. Whether you are Wiccan or not, there are situations where ‘love and light’ will not provide a solution. Sometimes difficult choices have to be made, and they are not always pleasant. There are times when things have to be confronted and dealt with in a not-so-nice way. As witches and magical people, we are not to be passive or timid, allowing others to walk over us in the name of “love and light”.

Should you cast a spell to help someone in need without their permission? Should you do a healing spell for someone in a coma? Do you perform banishing and binding spells? Would you use magic to retaliate against someone who is causing harm in your life, or in the lives of your loved ones? These are ethical questions only you can answer. Blackthorn Druid Witches are encouraged to make their own choices in these matters. Sovereignty and personal responsibility are cornerstones of our tradition.

New classes begin every Spring. Perhaps the Ways of the Draighean: Blackthorn Druid Witchcraft are just what you’re looking for.


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